Ask the Boosters: Building Strong Relationships with Talent

Our intern, Tim Wu, compiled a series of tips from the We Are Boosters community. We're calling it "Ask the Boosters." This post covers tips for building productive relationships with talent, which is essential for anyone trying to start or maintain an effective influencer marketing program.

Influencer partnerships can include self-contained campaigns focused on a short term goal, but they can also grow into something much greater. Working with talent can be tricky if the brand and influencer don’t see eye-to-eye on a campaign, but sustaining a professional rapport is vital. The nature of influencer marketing is situated on interpersonal skills, so as a brand or marketer, creating a strong foundation in your relationships will benefit all parties. The next step is cultivating a long-term relationship. This doesn’t necessarily mean to work together long-term, but a strong relationship can lead to potential opportunities in the future. The mutual benefit also includes personal branding. A brand and an influencer each represent something (i.e story, awareness, message, etc.) and it’s reflected onto both. So it’s important for influencers to work with the right brands and vice versa. A weak relationship could backfire and send a poor message to both audiences. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when building relationships with talent.

1. Communication is Key

Throughout the course of a campaign, there are a lot of logistics to work out - which inevitably leads to a lot of emails back and forth. Busy marketers may not have a chance to circle back to every influencer they engage with, but when an influencer or representative is making an effort to get information (i.e. following up multiple times), the best way to build and maintain a relationship is to keep them informed. If you are working with them, let them know when to expect next steps. If you are not working with them, let them know that you appreciated their interest but have gone in another direction. If you're undecided, be sure to let them know that their patience is appreciated.

Andi Terada and Chelsea Marrs have worked on both the talent and brand side of the business, and shared these insights: