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Years of Experience: 8+

Background: VP & Senior Strategy Director at HireInfluence

Specialty: Training, Coaching & Education; Integrated Marketing Strategy

Stephanie's favorite claim to fame is doing influencer marketing before it really exploded! She has designed award-winning strategies for top brands and is currently advocating for greater social responsibility, transparency and mutual win-win partnership through training, coaching and education for creators and brands. 

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We Are Boosters is a community that fosters support, collaboration, and new opportunities. We are a diverse group of influencer marketing professionals that have experience in every niche of the industry, from creator partnerships to content optimization. The community was founded in 2020 by industry vet Meredith Jacobson, recognizing the unique value that freelance talent offers clients and the power in uniting us. We tap into the community to form partnerships, share leads, and most importantly: learn from each other. 


We are over 25 members strong and growing, located in 7 cities across the United States.